Quality Policy
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  • The quality policy at Al- Juneidi food industries based on manufacturing all products with high quality that commensurate with the tastes and desires of the largest possible number of customers at the right price, taking into consideration the requirements of Palestine, Jordan and international technical specifications and any issued instructions from the official authorities.
  • The company works on achieving its objectives through developing its financial capabilities (equipment and devices),investing in its human resources through training, and following up the technological development in the field of food industry, based on that, the company initiated quality management system that meets health and food safety standards.
  • All of Juneidi ‘s food Industries employees are committed to achieve this policy to implement the quality system to achieve the following objectives:
    1. Work on the prevention of pollution in the products and ensure food safety.
    2. Adopting the latest methods in cleaning and sterilization process and the use of cleaning and disinfecting cleaning materials suitable for usage in food factories.
    3. Maintaining the local environment and contribute to community service.
    4. Maintain and secure the appropriate environmental conditions during all stages of the manufacturing and storage process.
    5. Work on delivering our products to customers in its best form, and to achieve these goals, the company management follows up the notes of its employees and customer complaints in order to develop the production process and take corrective action and preventive measures appropriate in the context of customer service. As the company works on the training of its employees internally and externally on an ongoing basis which enable it exploring the latest developments in the field of food manufacturing and the related quality systems.
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