Company's Objectives
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  • To meet the needs and desires of consumer in Jordan of dairy and food products that has limited diversity and poor quality as a result of neglecting the need for process development and modernization.


  • To increase the diversity of food products in the domestic market, to expand our consumers ‘options and enable them to choose of a variety of products to meet their needs in terms of quality, taste and price.


  • To create opportunities in Jordan labor market while looking forward to the development of manpower capabilities in terms of technical and scientific training courses offered by the company to staff in all disciplines and functional levels, where the company plans to accommodate about 1000 job opportunities in specific time frame, depending on production and business development of the company.


  • To invest and utilize the local resources of raw materials, which include milk and all kinds of vegetables, which enable the company to support the development of livestock and agriculture sectors in the Kingdom in terms of quality and abundance.


  • To invest and utilize the technological capabilities in the Kingdom by applying the latest automation of information systems in the production and administrative facilities to ensure the quality and speed in the performance and the transfer of data through effective communication channels which contribute in making the right decisions in all business areas.


  • Establish Jordanian economy strong grounds to face the economic, regional and global challenges and especially the most important one which is the Free Trade Agreement and accession to the World Trade Organization and its consequences and completion from the international companies.


  • Looking forward to expand the exportation network during the planning and establishment of industrial facilities capable of producing high quality production food, which enhance its market share globally which contribute positively in strengthening the national economy.   
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