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  • In 2002, the idea of the company's development in terms of geographical speediness and expansion of the market share came to light, and the appropriate option was to invest in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, as it is the closest country geographically, historically and demographically to Palestine, in addition to the historical background that links the two populations, including the use of functional and technical capacities of these links, supported by sound economic vision laid its bases his Majesty the late King Hussein Bin Talal, God rest his soul, the efforts continued by His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein, may God watch over him, where his brilliant vision contributed in supporting the economy in Jordan as the most important field in the region and in the world, dedicating his utmost efforts at attracting foreign investments into the Kingdom.


  • including the facilitation of all necessary tools to support these investments, It was a fundamental base which helped Juneidi group to establish an economic and industrial grounds in the Kingdom as a first step into accessing the local and foreign markets, concentrating on the human resources and technological support as well as the best production and quality inputs, laying the foundation to establish entrepreneur industrial mansion compete with the international industries in terms of quality and technology.


  • Al- Juneidi Company aims to work in the Kingdom under trade name "Noman Al- Juneidi for Food Industries", where the establishment of company's factory has begun in February 2007 in the area of Ain Al-Basha of the Balqa governorate with a capital of fifteen million Jordanian dinars.


  • The establishment land area is 19000 square meters, and the total area now is about 48000 square meters, including the production hall which is equipped with the latest industrial technologies and a strong infrastructure to support the production process at all levels in order to reach a final product quality meets the needs and interests of the Jordanian consumers and pave the way for foreign markets economy support to face the challenges imposed by the process of joining the Kingdom to the World Trade Organization and the great changes in the Arabic and world markets. 
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